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Meet Aaron, Regional Loss Prevention Manager, and a member of Sterling's Diversity Leadership Team (DLT). When asked about his experience as a DLT member, here's what Aaron said:

The DLT means inclusion, inclusion of every associate at Sterling. Whatever their differences are, using those differences to our advantage. I think that is the main message that I get from the DLT. Our differences make us strong. And, to use those differences, to learn about those differences, are what make us Sterling.

Looking at the Loss Prevention Department at Sterling, we are very inclusive, in any kind of diversity. We have a very wide array of great people from every walk of life, from every inclusive group that you can think of.

I went through the Connections program, the mentoring program. The inclusion part of that was so important. The differences are what make us strong. And, when we can use those for a business purpose it's the best thing in the world.


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